Slapfight Undisputed: Meet the Titans of the Slap Fighting Arena

Slapfight Undisputed is a thrilling event in the world of slap fighting, a combat sport that has gained significant attention and controversy for its intense, bare-handed slaps exchanged between competitors. This article delves into the characters, or fighters, who have made a name for themselves in this unique and adrenaline-pumping sport.


Wolverine is a prominent figure in slap fighting, holding titles in both the Light-Heavyweight and Middleweight categories. Known for his resilience and powerful slaps, Wolverine has successfully defended his Undisputed status against formidable opponents. His most notable match was against ‘White Simba,’ the #1 Contender and winner of the SlapFIGHT: REDEMPTION tournament. This match was the Main Event of SlapFIGHT Championship: UNDISPUTED, showcasing Wolverine’s dominance in the sport.

Da Crazy Hawaiian

Da Crazy Hawaiian, also known as Koa, is another standout character in slap fighting. He has been part of some of the most memorable matches, including a significant bout against David Zales at an event hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul. Koa’s ability to deliver and withstand powerful slaps has made him a fan favorite and a key figure in promoting slap fighting as a legitimate combat sport.

Darius The Destroyer

Darius, aptly nicknamed “The Destroyer,” is a heavyweight champion known for his incredible ability to absorb slaps that would incapacitate most people. His legendary 27-round bout with Wolverine is a testament to his endurance and strength, making him one of the most respected and feared competitors in slap fighting. Darius’s reputation for delivering knockouts and withstanding brutal slaps has solidified his status as a legend in the sport.

Frank The Tank

Frank The Tank is another notable character in the SlapFIGHT Championship. While specific details about his matches and achievements are less documented, his inclusion among the well-known US slap fighters indicates his prowess and contribution to the sport’s popularity.

Safety and Controversy

Despite the excitement and entertainment value, slap fighting has been met with criticism and concern over the safety of its participants. Critics argue that the sport poses significant risks of permanent brain trauma, as fighters cannot defend themselves against the incoming slaps. The Nevada State Athletic Commission’s approval of slap fighting events, including safety measures promised by promoters like Dana White, has done little to quell these concerns.


Slapfight Undisputed and its characters represent a unique and controversial niche within combat sports. Fighters like Wolverine, Da Crazy Hawaiian, Darius The Destroyer, and Frank The Tank have become the faces of a sport that combines raw physical power with the spectacle of endurance and resilience. As slap fighting continues to evolve, the debate over its safety and legitimacy remains, making it a polarizing yet undeniably captivating spectacle.

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