Rizin 10: A Spectacular Display of Martial Arts Mastery

Rizin 10, a mixed martial arts event held by the Rizin Fighting Federation, took place on May 6, 2018, at the Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka, Japan. The event was a thrilling spectacle, featuring 12 fights that showcased the best of both MMA and kickboxing.

The main event of the evening was a bantamweight contest between Kyoji Horiguchi and Ian McCall. Horiguchi, a former UFC fighter, wasted no time in asserting his dominance. He dropped and stopped McCall in just nine seconds, marking the fastest victory of his career. This impressive performance solidified Horiguchi’s reputation as a formidable force in the bantamweight division.

Another highlight of the event was the kickboxing bout between Tenshin Nasukawa and Yusaku Nakamura. Nasukawa, known for his exceptional striking skills, defeated Nakamura via TKO in the second round. His victory was marked by an incredible kick that left spectators and fellow fighters in awe.

The event also featured a headkick KO by Daron Cruickshank against Koshi Matsumoto in the first round of their fight. This spectacular finish was reminiscent of the iconic Holm vs. Rousey fight, adding to the excitement of the event.

In addition to the thrilling fights, Rizin 10 was also notable for its high production value. The event was broadcast on FITE TV and was known for its flashy and entertainment-based approach. This unique flavor added to the overall experience for fans watching the event live.

Rizin 10 was not just about the main event. The card was packed with other exciting fights. Kanna Asakura defeated Melissa Sophia Karagianis via unanimous decision, Yusuke Yachi won against Diego Nunes via split decision, and Kanako Murata submitted Lanchana Green with an anaconda choke in the first round.

In conclusion, Rizin 10 was a spectacular display of martial arts mastery. From the lightning-fast knockout by Kyoji Horiguchi to the stunning kick by Tenshin Nasukawa, the event was filled with memorable moments that left fans eagerly anticipating the next Rizin event.


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