Pride FC 8: A Night of Epic Battles and Unforgettable Moments

Pride FC 8, a mixed martial arts event held by the Pride Fighting Championships, took place on November 21, 1999, at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan. This event was a significant milestone in the history of Pride FC, marking a night of epic battles and unforgettable moments.

The main event of the evening was a highly anticipated match between Royler Gracie, a member of the famous Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu family, and Japanese superstar Kazushi Sakuraba. This was the first Pride event in some time to be headlined by a member of the Gracie family, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the event.

The match between Gracie and Sakuraba was a thrilling display of skill and determination. Deep into the second round, Sakuraba trapped Gracie in a tight Kimura hold. Despite the intense pressure and potential damage to his shoulder, Gracie refused to tap out. The referee was eventually forced to stop the bout and declare Sakuraba the victor, marking a significant moment in the history of Pride FC.

But the main event was not the only highlight of Pride FC 8. The event featured a total of eight MMA bouts, each showcasing the skill and tenacity of the fighters. Among these were matches featuring notable fighters such as Wanderlei Silva, Igor Vovchanchyn, and Mark Coleman, each of whom contributed to the electrifying atmosphere of the event.

Pride FC 8 was not just about the fights, though. The event was a spectacle in itself, with the Ariake Coliseum providing a grand stage for the fighters. The event was broadcasted on Pay Per View, with Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten providing commentary, adding to the overall experience for viewers around the world.

Pride FC 8 was a landmark event in the history of Pride FC and mixed martial arts as a whole. It showcased the skill and spirit of the fighters, the excitement of the matches, and the spectacle of the event itself. It was a night of epic battles and unforgettable moments, a night that remains etched in the memory of MMA fans around the world.


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