Pride FC 5: Takada Triumphs Over Coleman in Nagoya Showdown

Pride FC 5, a landmark event in the history of mixed martial arts, took place on April 29, 1999, at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall in Nagoya, Japan. This event was significant for several reasons, including the debut of two MMA legends, Mark Coleman and Vitor Belfort, under the Pride banner. The main event featured a clash between Nobuhiko Takada and Mark Coleman, which ended in a surprising victory for Takada.

The event was the first of the year for Pride Fighting Championships and was promoted by Dream Stage Entertainment, which had recently taken over the organization. The card was stacked with six fights, showcasing a mix of established stars and up-and-coming talent.

The main event saw Nobuhiko Takada, a Japanese professional wrestling star turned mixed martial artist, secure a win against Mark Coleman, a former UFC champion and a pioneer in the sport. Takada’s victory came via a heel hook submission in the second round, marking one of the most controversial and talked-about moments in Pride’s history. The fight was steeped in controversy, with many fans and commentators questioning the legitimacy of the outcome.

Another highlight of the night was the bout between Kazushi Sakuraba and Vitor Belfort. Sakuraba, known for his exceptional grappling skills and unorthodox fighting style, earned a unanimous decision victory over Belfort, further cementing his status as a fan favorite and a formidable force in the middleweight division.

The event also featured a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu demonstration by Rickson Gracie and Royler Gracie, adding to the spectacle and showcasing the martial art that played a foundational role in the development of MMA.

Other notable fights included Egan Inoue’s technical knockout victory over Minoru Toyonaga, Francisco Bueno’s TKO win against Satoshi Honma, and Igor Vovchanchyn’s unanimous decision over Akira Shoji. Each fight contributed to the overall excitement of the event, providing a mix of knockouts and technical battles that kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

Pride FC 5 was a pivotal moment in the organization’s history, setting the stage for future events and rivalries that would captivate MMA fans around the world. The event’s success was a testament to the growing popularity of Pride Fighting Championships and the sport of mixed martial arts as a whole.


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