Pride FC 31: Unbreakable – A Look Back at the Main Event and More

Pride FC 31: Unbreakable, also promoted in Japan as “Dreamers”, was a mixed martial arts event that took place on February 26, 2006, at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This event marked the first Pride pay-per-view event of 2006, setting the stage for a year of thrilling fights and unforgettable moments.

The main event of the evening was a heavyweight bout between Mark Hunt and Yosuke Nishijima. Mark Hunt, hailing from New Zealand and fighting out of Sydney, Australia, was a formidable opponent with a professional record of 3-1-0 at the time of the fight. His opponent, Yosuke Nishijima, was a newcomer to the professional MMA scene, making his debut in this high-stakes match.

The fight was a display of power and technique, with both fighters showcasing their skills in the ring. However, it was Mark Hunt who emerged victorious, defeating Yosuke Nishijima via KO/TKO at 1:18 of Round 3. This victory improved Hunt’s record to 4-1 and marked a challenging start to Nishijima’s professional MMA career.

In addition to the main event, Pride FC 31 featured several other notable fights. One such bout was between Quinton Jackson and Dong Sik Yoon, with Jackson securing a unanimous decision victory. Another exciting match was between Fabricio Werdum and Jon Olav Einemo, which also ended in a unanimous decision in favor of Werdum.

The event also saw Tsuyoshi Kohsaka defeat Mario Sperry by technical knockout due to punches at 1:20 of Round 1. In another thrilling match, Alistair Overeem defeated Sergei Kharitonov by technical knockout due to repeated knees to the face at 5:13 of Round 1.

Pride FC 31: Unbreakable was a significant event in the history of Pride Fighting Championships, setting the tone for the year’s events with its high-energy fights and memorable performances. It was a testament to the skill and determination of the fighters, and a reminder of why Pride FC was one of the most respected MMA promotions in the world.


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