Pride FC 18: Cold Fury 2 – A Look Back at the Main Event and Memorable Moments

Pride FC 18: Cold Fury 2 marked a significant event in the history of mixed martial arts, taking place on December 23, 2001, at the Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka, Japan. This event was the final Pride event of the 2001 season and showcased some of the most formidable strikers in the sport, with a fight card that featured dominant finishes and aggressive striking displays.

The main event spotlighted the towering Dutch fighter Semmy Schilt, who faced off against the Japanese pro-wrestler turned MMA competitor Yoshihiro Takayama. Schilt, known for his striking prowess and considerable reach, delivered a powerful performance, culminating in a knockout victory with punches at just 3:09 into the first round. This victory further cemented Schilt’s reputation as a fearsome striker in the heavyweight division.

Pride FC 18 also featured other notable fighters, including the Middleweight Champion at the time, Wanderlei Silva. Silva, a fan favorite known for his aggressive style, took on Alexander Otsuka in a non-title bout. Despite the championship not being on the line, Silva’s performance did not disappoint, as he secured a TKO victory due to a doctor’s stoppage in the third round. This fight was indicative of Pride’s approach to championship bouts, which were defended at the discretion of the promotion rather than on a regular schedule.

Other memorable bouts included Igor Vovchanchyn’s submission win over Valentijn Overeem with a heel hook in the first round and Jeremy Horn’s unanimous decision victory over Akira Shoji. The event also saw a disqualification in the bout between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Daijiro Matsui, with Jackson being disqualified for an illegal knee to the groin just 14 seconds into the first round.

Pride FC 18: Cold Fury 2 was a testament to the promotion’s ability to put together a card filled with high-stakes matchups and thrilling finishes. It was events like these that helped Pride FC establish itself as a premier MMA organization, going head-to-head with the UFC for MMA supremacy during its run. The event’s success contributed to the legacy of Pride FC, which is remembered for its unique rules, grandiose production, and the freedom it gave fighters to showcase their skills in openweight fights and under a different rule set compared to other organizations.

As the years have passed, the memories of Pride FC and events like Cold Fury 2 continue to resonate with fans, serving as a reminder of an era that was pivotal in shaping the landscape of modern mixed martial arts.


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