Pride FC 13: Collision Course – A Night of Epic Battles and Unforgettable Moments

Pride FC 13, also known as “Collision Course,” was a mixed martial arts event that took place on March 25, 2001, at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event was organized by Pride FC, a renowned MMA promotion company owned by Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE). The event was broadcasted via Pay Per View in the United States, attracting a large audience of MMA enthusiasts.

The main event of the night was a thrilling match between rising star Wanderlei Silva and Japanese sensation Kazushi Sakuraba. Silva had already earned worldwide renown for his Unanimous Decision victory over Dan Henderson at Pride 12. However, at Pride 13, he achieved the biggest win of his career to date when he stopped Sakuraba with strikes at 1:38 of the first round. This victory was a significant milestone in Silva’s career and a memorable moment for the fans.

In addition to the main event, Pride FC 13 featured several other exciting matches. Dan Henderson knocked out Renzo Gracie, and Vitor Belfort defeated Bobby Southworth. Notably, this event marked the first time that knees to the head of a grounded opponent were deemed legal by the organization, adding a new layer of strategy and intensity to the fights.

One of the most talked-about matches of the night was between Tra Telligman and Igor Vovchanchyn. The two fighters went toe to toe in a standing battle that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Another highlight was the match between Mark Coleman and Allan Goes, which ended with Coleman’s victory via a keylock submission in the first round.

Pride FC 13 was not just about the fights; it was also about the fighters. The event showcased the skills and determination of some of the best fighters in the world, including Heath Herring, Guy Mezger, and Egan Inoue. Each of these athletes brought their unique style and strategy to the ring, contributing to an unforgettable night of MMA action.

In conclusion, Pride FC 13: Collision Course was a landmark event in the history of mixed martial arts. From the thrilling main event between Wanderlei Silva and Kazushi Sakuraba to the exciting undercard matches, the event delivered a night of action-packed fights and unforgettable moments. It was a testament to the skill, determination, and spirit of the fighters, and a celebration of the sport of MMA.


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