Pride 2: A Pioneering Event in the History of MMA

Pride 2, a landmark event in the history of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), took place on March 15, 1998, at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan. This event followed the widespread success of the inaugural Pride Fighting Championships in 1997, which had set a high bar for MMA events worldwide.

The second edition of Pride FC, also known as KRS-Pride, featured six MMA bouts that showcased some of the biggest stars of the sport. Among them were Mark Kerr, a dominant force in the early days of MMA, and Marco Ruas, a legend of Brazilian Vale Tudo, a no-holds-barred combat sport.

One of the most notable moments of Pride 2 was the debut of Kazushi Sakuraba, who would later become a superstar in Japan. Sakuraba faced Vernon White in a thrilling match, ultimately defeating him with an Armbar submission in the third round. This victory marked the beginning of Sakuraba’s illustrious career, which would see him become one of the most influential figures in MMA.

The main event of Pride 2 was initially set to be a clash between Mark Kerr and Royce Gracie, another legend of the sport. However, Gracie had to withdraw due to an injury, leading to a reshuffling of the fight card. Despite this setback, the event was a resounding success, further establishing Pride FC as a premier MMA promotion.

Pride 2 was not just about the fights; it was also about the spirit of competition and the celebration of martial arts. The event was broadcasted on Pay Per View, with Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten serving as TV announcers. Their commentary added another layer of excitement to the event, helping to bring the action in the ring to life for viewers at home.

In the years that followed, Pride FC would continue to grow in popularity, hosting numerous events that attracted fighters and fans from around the world. While the promotion eventually ceased operations in 2007, its legacy lives on. Pride 2, with its memorable fights and iconic moments, remains a significant chapter in this legacy, a testament to the enduring appeal of MMA.

Today, as we look back on Pride 2, we are reminded of the passion, skill, and determination of the fighters who stepped into the ring that day. Their performances set the stage for the evolution of MMA, inspiring a new generation of athletes to pursue their dreams in the sport. As we continue to enjoy the thrilling bouts and unforgettable moments that MMA has to offer, we pay tribute to Pride 2, an event that helped shape the sport we know and love today.


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