Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 3 – A Retrospective

Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 3 marked a significant moment in the history of mixed martial arts (MMA). Held on November 8, 1993, at the Kobe World Commemoration Hall in Japan, this event showcased a blend of fighting styles and a roster of athletes who would go on to shape the future of the sport.

The Main Event: Funaki vs. Bezems

The main event featured Pancrase co-founder Masakatsu Funaki taking on Cees Bezems. Funaki, a skilled martial artist, demonstrated his prowess by securing a victory with a keylock submission in the first round. The fight was not without controversy, as Funaki and Bezems had a heated exchange post-fight, with Funaki accusing Bezems of using closed fists, which were against the rules of Pancrase at the time.

Notable Fighters and Outcomes

Ken Shamrock, another prominent figure in the early days of MMA, faced off against Takaku Fuke. Shamrock, known for his submission skills, won the bout with a rear-naked choke in under a minute. This victory further cemented Shamrock’s reputation as a formidable competitor in the Pancrase organization.

Maurice Smith, a former WKA World Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion, made his Pancrase debut at this event. He showcased his striking ability by knocking out Minoru Suzuki with a punch in the third round, proving that high-level strikers could also find success in the world of MMA.

Other notable fighters on the card included Kazuo Takahashi, who defeated James Mathews with an armbar submission, and Ryushi Yanagisawa, who secured a win over Andre van den Oetelaar with a heel hook.

The Impact of Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 3

This event was a testament to the hybrid nature of Pancrase, combining elements of professional wrestling with legitimate combat sports to create a unique spectacle. It was a precursor to the modern MMA we know today, where fighters must be well-versed in multiple disciplines to succeed.

The athletes who competed at Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 3, such as Funaki, Shamrock, and Smith, were pioneers who helped lay the groundwork for the global phenomenon that MMA has become. Their performances in the ring inspired a generation of fighters and contributed to the evolution of the sport.

In conclusion, Pancrase: Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers 3 was more than just an event; it was a milestone in the history of mixed martial arts. The fighters who graced the ring that day were not only competitors but also innovators who pushed the boundaries of what was possible in combat sports.


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