Thai Boxing Legend Venice Borkhorsor’s Remarkable Career

Venice Borkhorsor, born Prawet Ponchiengkwang on April 6, 1950, in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, was a legendary boxer who left an indelible mark on the sport. His journey to the top was nothing short of remarkable, and his achievements have cemented his place in the annals of Thai boxing history.

Borkhorsor’s rise to prominence began in the late 1960s when he embarked on his professional boxing career. With a southpaw stance and a relentless fighting style, he quickly made a name for himself in the flyweight division. His early years were marked by a string of impressive victories, including seven knockouts in his first nine fights.

In 1972, Borkhorsor achieved his most significant triumph when he captured the WBC World Flyweight Title by defeating Betulio González in Bangkok. This victory not only solidified his status as a world-class fighter but also ignited a fierce rivalry with the Lineal Flyweight Champion, Erbito Salavarria, whom he later defeated.

Borkhorsor’s reign as the WBC Flyweight Champion was short-lived, as he vacated the title after his last fight against Julio Guerrero in 1973. However, his ambitions did not stop there. He moved up to the bantamweight division, where he challenged Rafael Herrera for the World Bantamweight Title in 1973. Although he lost the bout by a split decision, Borkhorsor’s determination and resilience were undeniable.

Throughout his career, Borkhorsor displayed an astounding knockout percentage of 63%, a testament to his punching power and aggressive fighting style. He was a warrior in the ring, known for his relentless pressure and unwavering spirit. His battles against top contenders like Cornelius Boza Edwards and Rafael Limon are still remembered as legendary encounters.

Borkhorsor’s impact on Thai boxing extended beyond his achievements in the ring. He inspired a generation of fighters and became a national hero, celebrated for his unwavering determination and fighting spirit. His legacy continues to resonate with boxing enthusiasts worldwide, and his name is synonymous with the rich tradition of Thai boxing.

In a career spanning over a decade, Borkhorsor amassed an impressive record of 49 wins, 8 losses, and 36 knockouts. His accomplishments were not limited to the flyweight and bantamweight divisions; he also held the OPBF Bantamweight Championship and the Bantamweight and Flyweight Championships of Thailand.

Today, Venice Borkhorsor’s name is etched in the annals of Thai boxing history, serving as an inspiration to aspiring fighters and a reminder of the greatness that can be achieved through unwavering dedication and an indomitable spirit.


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