Panomroonglek Kratingdaenggym: The Southpaw Sensation from Thailand’s Boxing Scene

Panomroonglek Kratingdaenggym, a name that resonates with boxing enthusiasts, particularly those familiar with the Thai boxing scene. This southpaw fighter from Buriram, Thailand, has made his mark in the world of professional boxing, particularly in the flyweight division.

Standing at 161cm tall with a reach of 163cm, Panomroonglek’s physical attributes have contributed to his success in the ring. His southpaw stance, often considered challenging for opponents to counter, has been a significant factor in his boxing career.

Panomroonglek’s professional journey began in 2015, marking the start of what would become an impressive career. While details of his early bouts are limited, his progression through the ranks speaks volumes about his skill and determination.

One of the highlights of Panomroonglek’s career came when he clinched the vacant Asian Boxing Council Flyweight Title. This victory, achieved in Phuket, Thailand, against Denburapa Ekarin, solidified his status as a formidable contender in the flyweight division. The bout showcased Panomroonglek’s ability to perform under pressure and claim championship titles.

Another notable fight in Panomroonglek’s career took place in Chiengrai, where he faced off against Lee Escobido. These matches demonstrate the boxer’s willingness to take on diverse opponents and compete across different locations in Thailand, building his reputation both domestically and internationally.

Interestingly, Panomroonglek has also been categorized as a super-bantamweight boxer, indicating his versatility across weight classes. This ability to compete effectively in different weight divisions speaks to his adaptability and overall fitness as an athlete.

The Global Boxing Association has recognized Panomroonglek’s talents, listing him among their proclaimed champions in the flyweight division. This acknowledgment from an international boxing body further cements his status in the global boxing community.

While specific details about Panomroonglek’s fighting style and career statistics are limited, his achievements and recognition within the boxing world suggest a career marked by skill, determination, and success. As with many Thai boxers, Panomroonglek Kratingdaenggym continues to contribute to Thailand’s rich boxing heritage, inspiring future generations of fighters from the region.

As Panomroonglek Kratingdaenggym continues his boxing journey, fans and critics alike will be watching closely. Whether he’s defending titles, challenging for new ones, or inspiring young boxers in Thailand, Panomroonglek’s impact on the sport is undeniable. His story is a testament to the talent emerging from Thailand’s boxing scene and the global nature of the sport.



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