Hi-Sup Shin: Legendary South Korean Boxer

Hi-Sup Shin, born on July 29, 1964, in South Korea, was a legendary boxer who left an indelible mark on the sport. A southpaw fighting in the flyweight division, Shin’s career was marked by numerous accolades and achievements.

Shin’s professional career began in 1980, and he quickly made a name for himself with his exceptional skills and tenacity in the ring. On August 2, 1986, he faced Jung Bi-won for the IBF world title and emerged victorious by a technical knockout in the 15th round, claiming the coveted belt.

However, Shin’s reign as the IBF world champion was short-lived. In February of the following year, he lost the title to Dodie Boy Peñalosa by knockout in his second title defense. Despite this setback, Shin’s legacy as one of South Korea’s greatest boxers was already cemented.

Throughout his career, Shin amassed an impressive record of 37 wins, 22 of which came by way of knockout, against just 3 losses and 1 draw. His relentless fighting style, coupled with his technical prowess, made him a formidable opponent in the ring.

After his defeat to Peñalosa, Shin retired from boxing, leaving behind a remarkable career that inspired generations of South Korean fighters. His achievements and contributions to the sport have earned him a place among the greatest boxers to have ever graced the ring.


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