Fidel Bassa: The Explosive Colombian Flyweight Champion

Fidel Bassa, born on December 18, 1962, in El Retén, Colombia, was a former professional boxer who left an indelible mark on the flyweight division. Standing at 5 feet 3+1⁄2 inches tall, Bassa was a compact and explosive fighter known for his sharp hooks and relentless aggression.

Bassa’s professional career reached its pinnacle when he captured the WBA Flyweight Championship on February 13, 1987, after defeating Hilario Zapata. His reign as the champion was marked by epic battles, particularly his two memorable title fights against Dave McAuley in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1987 and 1988.

The first encounter between Bassa and McAuley was a true classic, filled with drama and twists. Bassa, known for his slow starts, found himself on the canvas in the early rounds, but his resilience and determination kept him in the fight. As the bout progressed, the Colombian’s constant head and body movement opened up opportunities for his lunging hooks to land, turning the tide in his favor.

The fight reached its climax in the ninth round when McAuley, backed against the ropes, unleashed a massive hook that sent Bassa crashing to the canvas. The Colombian champion was floored twice more in that round, but his survival skills and the roar of the crowd propelled him through the crisis.

The second fight between the two was equally enthralling, with both fighters leaving everything in the ring. Bassa’s explosive power and McAuley’s unwavering spirit created an unforgettable spectacle that etched their names in boxing history.

After losing the title to Jesús Kiki Rojas on September 30, 1989, Bassa retired from boxing with an impressive record of 22 wins, 15 knockouts, and only 1 loss and 1 draw. His legacy extended beyond the ring as he became the owner and manager of Mundo Científico, a provider of educational technology and telecommunications company based in Bogota, Colombia.

Fidel Bassa’s career was a testament to the spirit of Colombian boxing, showcasing the grit, determination, and explosive power that defined his style. His battles with Dave McAuley will forever be remembered as some of the most thrilling and dramatic encounters in the flyweight division.


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