Feider Viloria: A Promising Amateur Star Who Never Quite Took Off in the Professional Ranks

Feider Viloria was a Colombian boxer who had a promising amateur career, but his professional career was ultimately unfulfilled. He was known for his power and aggression in the ring, but he struggled to find consistency in his performances.

Feider Viloria was born in Cali, Colombia, on January 16, 1983. He began boxing at the age of 12 and quickly showed a natural talent for the sport. As an amateur, he compiled a record of 173-15 and won numerous tournaments, including the South American championships and the Central American and Caribbean games.

His amateur success earned him a spot on the Colombian national boxing team. He represented his country at the 2003 Pan American Games in Brazil, where he reached the quarterfinals. He also competed in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, where he was eliminated in the first round.

After the Olympics, Feider Viloria turned professional in 2005. He made his debut in March of that year and quickly racked up a string of victories. He won his first 11 fights, including seven by knockout, and established himself as a contender in the featherweight division.

However, Feider Viloria’s professional career began to falter in 2007. He lost two consecutive fights, and his power and aggression seemed to diminish. He also struggled with weight management and injuries, which further hindered his progress.

Feider Viloria never regained the form he had shown as an amateur. He compiled a record of 22-14 in his professional career, but he never won a world title or achieved the level of success that many had predicted for him. He retired in 2015.

Feider Viloria’s professional career may have been disappointing, but he remains a respected figure in the boxing world. His amateur success was undeniable, and he showed flashes of brilliance in the professional ranks. He will be remembered as a promising young boxer who never quite reached his full potential.


Feider Viloria’s story is a reminder that even the most talented athletes can struggle to find success in the professional world. It’s a testament to the challenges of transitioning from amateur to professional boxing, and it highlights the importance of consistency and a strong work ethic.

Despite his unfulfilled potential, Feider Viloria left a positive mark on the sport. He was a fan favorite and a talented boxer who entertained audiences with his aggressive style. His legacy will live on among the many aspiring boxers who dream of becoming world champions one day.


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