Benny Lynch: Glasgow’s Legendary Flyweight Boxing Champion

Benny Lynch, affectionately known as “Our Benny,” was a Scottish professional boxer who fought in the flyweight division. Born in the Gorbals slums of Glasgow on April 2, 1913, he rose from humble beginnings to become one of the finest boxers below the lightweight division in his era.

Lynch’s journey to boxing stardom began at a young age when he joined a local boys’ boxing club. His natural talent and determination quickly became apparent, and he soon graduated to the renowned L.M.S Rovers Club. Eager for the glamour of the paid ring, Lynch took a job at a boxing booth on a waste ground in his neighborhood, earning five shillings per performance.

As his skills and reputation grew, Lynch crammed in 48 fights in his first three years as a professional. He won the Scottish flyweight title and even boxed a draw with world champion Jackie Brown. On May 16, 1934, he claimed the Scottish flyweight title with a 15-round decision over Jim Campbell in Glasgow.

Lynch’s breakthrough moment came on September 8, 1935, when he faced British and European flyweight king Jackie Brown in Manchester, England. In front of a massive crowd of Scottish fans, Lynch scored six knockdowns en route to a second-round stoppage, capturing the world and British flyweight titles.

Over the next few years, Lynch solidified his status as one of the greatest flyweights of his time. He successfully defended his titles against top contenders like Small Montana and Pat Palmer, earning a Lonsdale belt outright. However, his struggles with making weight eventually caught up with him, and he was stripped of his title in 1938 after failing to make the flyweight limit.

Despite his later struggles, Benny Lynch’s legacy as a boxing icon and a true champion of the people remains etched in Scottish sporting history. His remarkable rise from the slums of Glasgow to the pinnacle of his sport is a testament to his unwavering determination and exceptional talent. Lynch’s story continues to inspire generations of boxers and sports enthusiasts alike.


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