Alberto “El Explosivo” Machado: A Puerto Rican Boxing Sensation

Born on September 25, 1990, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Alberto “El Explosivo” Machado has emerged as one of the prominent figures in the world of professional boxing. Known for his explosive punching power and technical skills, Machado’s career trajectory has seen him climb the ranks and contend for world championships, making him a celebrated figure in Puerto Rican boxing.

Amateur Beginnings:

Alberto Machado’s journey in boxing began in the amateur ranks, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for his professional career. His performances as an amateur hinted at the potential for a successful transition to the paid ranks. Machado’s natural talent and dedication to the sport became evident early on, setting the stage for what would become a promising career.

Professional Debut and Early Success:

Machado made his professional debut on December 10, 2012, entering the super featherweight division. From the outset, it was apparent that he possessed a unique combination of speed, power, and ring intelligence. His early fights showcased a fighter with technical acumen and a penchant for delivering crowd-pleasing performances.

As Machado continued to notch victories, his reputation as a rising star in Puerto Rican boxing grew. His journey through the super featherweight division was marked by his ability to dispatch opponents with a powerful and accurate left hand.

WBA Super Featherweight Title:

Alberto Machado’s breakthrough moment came on October 21, 2017, when he faced Jezreel Corrales for the WBA (World Boxing Association) super featherweight title. In a spectacular performance, Machado secured a knockout victory, claiming the world championship and announcing his arrival on the global boxing stage.

The victory over Corrales not only added a prestigious title to Machado’s collection but also solidified his standing as a force to be reckoned with in the super featherweight division.

Title Defenses and Challenges:

As the WBA super featherweight champion, Machado successfully defended his title against formidable opponents. His ability to maintain his status as a champion showcased not only his skill inside the ring but also his mental fortitude and adaptability to different styles.

Machado faced challenges in his career, including a title loss to Andrew Cancio in 2019. However, setbacks are an inherent part of the sport, and Machado’s response to adversity demonstrated his resilience and determination to reclaim his place among the elite.

Legacy and Impact:

Alberto Machado’s influence extends beyond his accomplishments in the ring. As a Puerto Rican boxer, he carries the legacy of a rich boxing tradition that includes legendary figures such as Félix Trinidad and Wilfredo Gómez. Machado’s performances have captured the hearts of boxing fans in Puerto Rico and beyond, making him a symbol of pride for the island.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, details about Alberto Machado’s post-2022 career may have evolved. For the latest information about his recent activities and any updates in his professional journey, it is advisable to check current news sources, interviews, and official profiles.

Alberto Machado, with his explosive style and championship pedigree, continues to contribute to the storied history of Puerto Rican boxing. His journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring boxers and a source of pride for fans who follow his every punch in the ring.


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