Abel Laudonio: A Tribute to the Argentine Boxing Legend

Abel Ricardo Laudonio, a name synonymous with Argentine boxing excellence, passed away on August 12, 2014, at the age of 75. Born on August 30, 1938, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laudonio’s boxing career was marked by remarkable achievements and a legacy that continues to inspire athletes today.

Laudonio’s journey in the boxing world began with his participation in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics as a flyweight competitor. Although he did not medal in that event, his relentless spirit and dedication to the sport led him to return to the Olympics in 1960. It was during the Rome Games that Laudonio’s prowess truly shone through as he claimed the bronze medal in the lightweight division, cementing his place in his country’s sporting history.

Following his amateur success, Laudonio turned professional in 1961. His professional career was highlighted by a memorable fight in 1965 when he challenged Nicolino Locche for the South American lightweight title. Despite a valiant effort, Laudonio lost by decision. Later that year, he decided to retire from professional boxing with an impressive record of 48 wins, including 37 knockouts, 6 losses, and 2 draws.

After hanging up his gloves, Laudonio continued to contribute to the sport by running a fitness center in Buenos Aires, where he shared his knowledge and passion for boxing with others.

Laudonio’s later years were marked by personal health challenges. In 2004, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and he suffered a stroke in 2009. His battle with illness came to an end when he succumbed to another stroke five years later.

Abel Laudonio’s legacy extends beyond the ropes of the boxing ring. He is remembered not only for his Olympic medal and professional bouts but also for his indomitable spirit and the inspiration he provided to aspiring boxers in Argentina and around the world. His passing was a significant loss to the boxing community, but his achievements and the memories of his fights continue to live on.


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